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About Sajeel Mirza Mann & Shah

Why choose our services

The outstanding talent and individual interests of our lawyers are the essence of our practice. 


Our experience at the top end of the mid-market is providing an exceptional stepping stone and spring board for the larger corporate deals for which we are now receiving instructions. Our focus is on building long term, sustainable relationships by understanding our clients and their markets and giving them personalized attention at cost-effective rates. 


We do not look to slot our clients into boxes. We would tailor multi-faceted teams of specialists to directly reflect our client’s needs. We aim to serve our clients by working with them as a business partner in every respect and by addressing their concerns on priority and responding them without any delays. 


International Commitments

We have significant international capability across our Practice Groups with a good deal of our instructions coming from overseas clients and international connections. 


Our international client capability is enhanced by our membership of lawyers associated worldwide, enabling a global network of lawyers to work together on a non-exclusive basis. Through our longstanding membership and involvement in the group we have developed excellent relationships and have worked with members in many overseas jurisdictions. Our experience and expertise across a wide range of jurisdictions, legal systems and emerging territories, enables us to give precise instructions and get the best out of local counsel in a cost-effective way. 


Our future aspirations are to continue to build on our expertise and grow our client base in the sub-continental, European and Middle Eastern markets, where we already have established relationships, and are generating interest across a range of sectors. 


Our Process

At our firm we seek to provide a proactive, quality business-led view to client issues and ability to respond quickly to all our clients’ legal needs and requirements in an efficient and expedient manner. From a strategic perspective, our enviable position as one of country’s leading law firms, particularly in energy sector, means that we hold a prominent position to service the entrepreneurial nature of the mid-market and the institutional requirements of corporations. 


The breadth of knowledge and resources the firm has developed, places us in a unique position to offer a highly competitive and cost effective service compared to the competing firms (which incidentally do not have the transaction and structured competence), without compromising on quality or depth of our advice. Our partners have the specialist abilities in dealing with all aspects of power project development initiating from the preparation of documents for competition, letter of interest, feasibility studies, preparation of tariff petitions, letter of support, and negotiating Project Agreements especially the Financing Documents. Our partners have the market reputation and hands on experience in the development of power projects and were instrumental in the successful project developments


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